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Asphalt Express is family owned and operated and has been providing Asphalt - Seal Coating services to families and businesses for over 20 years. At Asphalt Express all of our experienced contractors are completely knowledgeable with zoning laws and requirements to make your Asphalt - Seal Coating project as hassle free as possible. Asphalt - Seal Coating projects require specific experience, whether the job is large or small. Asphalt Express has the experience and know how to get it done right the first time. If you need assistance with any Asphalt - Seal Coating projects, please call Asphalt Express at 248-889-5357.
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Asphalt Express has an A Plus rating with the BBB. At Asphalt Express safety and efficiency is our biggest concerns. We are insured and have owner supervision on the Asphalt - Seal Coating project site at all times for your peace of mind. At Asphalt Express we take on every detail of the Asphalt - Seal Coating project from start to finish. We want to make sure that all Asphalt - Seal Coating projects go off without a hitch which is why we only have the best and most well versed asphalt contractors working for us. If you need assistance with any Asphalt - Seal Coating projects, please call ~~Comapny~~ at 248-889-5357.
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If the cracks are not repaired in asphalt, water seeps into the base courses and damages the pavement’s load bearing capacity. It is evidenced by rutting, shifting, and serious alligatoring. The pavement then must be either overlaid or completely removed and reinstalled, depending on the condition. Off-street pavements do not have the advantage of this "kneading" action. The surface layers of off-road pavements are under continuous attack from the weather and other destructive elements, eventually developing minor surface cracks. The damage will continue if proper protective actions are not taken. So it would be logical to conclude that off-street pavements can be preserved by a "protective coating" that resists attack by the elements that destroy the asphalt in the first place.

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